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Black Noize Films is a Cape Town based, full-service production company that specialises in producing brand stories, creative content and TV commercials. Headed by Anna and Peter, an accomplished team of filmmakers who bring creativity, passion and expertise to every project no matter the scale or media. We are always ready for new challenges and take on any kind of script we know we can deliver effectively within the budget. 

’Black Noize’ is a blank film canvas where all great ideas begin.

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Peter Walker is an award winning creative director with over 20 years experience in the advertising industry. Starting in the late 90’s as a junior art director, he eventually got tired of handing over his scripts to other people to produce and started directing himself, going on to win some film competitions. He is a perfectionist who loves bringing stories and ideas to life with a strong focus on narrative concepts and art direction. 


Anna Moss graduated from AFDA in 2008 with Honors in film direction and screen writing. She started working as a junior director and head of research working her way up the ranks until she eventually started producing and directing music videos, branded content and TV commercials. She is passionate about film production and her style leans towards performance and visual story telling.